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The Parrothead League Of Cleveland, doing business as The North Coast Parrot Head Club, was established on August 18th, 2000.

We're an Official member of Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc. 

The North Coast Parrot Head Club is an organization for people interested in Jimmy Buffett's music and tropical lifestyle. We are the people your parents warned you about. 

The North Coast Parrot Head Club is a Non Profit Social Organization - Recognized by the IRS as a 501 (C) 7 social organization.

To volunteer in the community, non-profit fund raising within the Cleveland area, supporting local 501 c (3) non-profits, and provide members with a means of social interaction

If you are interested in meeting new phriends, socializing, making a difference in the North Coast's environment and partying with a purpose, then we want you to join our club. We have no dress code

Social interaction with like minded people, monthly social gathering, private events, club events, special ticket access, and volunteering in the Cleveland area community making the city a much better place.

Club I.D., monthly membership gathering, club sponsored events, (I.E. concerts, sporting events, winery outing, picnic, holiday parties, and more)
Club discounts, access to live entertainment and concert tickets, PHiP discounts, access to purchase club merchandise, club supported events, club sponsored events, volunteer opportunities, Meeting of the Minds access, monthly newsletter, and so much more
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Board Members

Term effective February 1st, 2023 through January 31st, 2025
All board member positions are volunteer.
No board member is compensated for their time or efforts

Amo Bennett
 Vice President
Michele Jennings 
Dave Overholt 
Audrey Overholt
Fran Endo 
Social Director
 Cheryl Lang
Member at -large
 Megan Tetlak
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North Coast PHC
P.O. Box 31451
Cleveland, Ohio, 44131


Phone: +1 (216) 393-7474



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